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Tian here, I’m an author, apps mentor and investor.

Do you know that a one square inch mobile app can potentially make even more money for you than a 3000 square foot property?

The good news is that you do not need to have an original app idea, neither do you need to know coding by yourself, nor do you need a lot of your own money. 
In 2013, unemployed, underweight, and with hardly any money in the bank, I hired a developer for $200 who built my first passive income generating app, a simple recipe app which became the #1 app for its type, and made me five figures of income within months. 

Since then, I have been involved in creating many different types of apps, travelling all around the world helping hundreds of companies and startups create their apps, get it ranked to the top of app stores, drive traffic from social media, seller products and services from the app and raising capital from government and investors. 

Most of these people I have helped have no programming knowledge at all, many of them don’t even have an original app idea or be an expert in digital marketing, nor do they have a big budget for their app. Good news is that, it doesn’t matter! The technical things you need to create your first mobile app can be outsourced to people in developing nations for a fraction of the cost.

I believe that you make money when you help others by solving their problems. The more people you help, the bigger the problem you solve, the more money you can make. And you should never give up on your dreams. My motto in life is “You can stop breathing, but You cannot stop trying” 

I want to personally invite you to come to my Apps Builder Workshop because you’ve been following me for a while now and I know you’re serious about developing yourself and growing your business.

Go ahead and sign up for my next workshop now, which is something I do not do very often. 

I’ll see you there :)

Your Friend,
Tian Yi
Apps Builder Workshop By Lim Tian Yi
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